Paradise contaminated

Progress is a desirable thing, but the consequences of our civilizational actions have huge influence on nature and therefore on each and every one of us. We all live in a world of constant transition and latent threats, but we calm ourselves down by saying that everything is under control. Can we really master what human hubris evokes? Some human behaviors never seem to change… What has always made a hell on earth has been precisely that man has tried to make it heaven. Would you agree or disagree?


»Paradise Lost« by the 17th-century English poet John Milton (1608–1674). Paradise Lost is an epic poem in blank verse first published in 1667. Some of the most notable illustrators of Paradise Lost included Gustave Doré, Heinrich Füssli and William Blake. The epic has also inspired other visual works by well-known painters like Salvador Dalí. The poem concerns the biblical story of the Fall of Man and the expulsion from the Garden of Eden.

The nuclear disasters of Chernobyl (or Chornobyl) on 26 April 1986 and Fukushima Daiichi on 11 March 2011. Both accidents lead to massive radioactive contamination of the environment. The radiation causes cellular degradation due to damage to DNA within the cells in various tissues. The health effects on humans, animals and plants are devastating. Thousands of people in the affected areas were forced to leave their homes, personal belongings and former lives. They must never come back…

Decontaminate your mind!



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